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There are many stages to building a well designed web site, but Rob Walker Web Design will take care of the hard work for you to make the process simple.

The first stage to completing your web site, is for you to contact us to discuss what you want your web site to be able to do for your company. We will then send you full details of all our services, as well as a web design questionnaire, for you to fill out and return, together with any layout plans, text, photos etc.

Once the price and and design schedule have been agreed, Rob Walker Web Design will produce design prototypes. These designs can then be modified to create the final design. Menus, images and text will then be added to your web site, before it is put live on the internet.

Whilst your site is being built, you will be able to view it at any time from this web site. We encourage your active involvement in the design process so that you can shape your site the way you want it.

The content for the site will come from you as well as any photos for the web site. If needed we can do some photography work for you to help you get appropriate photos for your web site. We are also able to purchase professional photos to be used in your web site for you.

If your web site includes a content management system, training will be given on how to edit the contents of your web site from your own computer with ease.

We can also provide one page web sites including hosting for just £9 a month. To find out more and see how a one page web site works, visit our demo site at www.climbinghelp.com or download our One Page Web Site leaflet.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Discount Prices!

Rob Walker Web design are currently offering web site design at discount prices in order to increase their portfolio.

This offer won't last long, so contact us today to get the web site of your dreams.


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